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m (adding ID to infobox, replaced: <onlyinclude>{{{{{tpl|tooltip}}} |mode={{{mode|}}} |arg={{{arg|}}} |skill=Shadoweave Tailoring |sockets={{socket|Yellow}}<br />{{socket|Blue}} |sockbonus=+3 Hit Rating |durability=100 |sell={{cost|4|40|55}} |setpc=3...)
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|name=Frozen Shadoweave Robe
|name=Frozen Shadoweave Robe|id=21871
|attrib=+20 Intellect<br />+30 Stamina
|attrib=+20 Intellect<br />+30 Stamina

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Inv chest cloth 08


This item can be crafted using Tailoring (375); taught by [Pattern: Frozen Shadoweave Robe].

Materials required
Inv fabric felcloth ebon
14x [Shadowcloth]
Inv misc questionmark
16x [Primal Water]
Spell nature web
4x [Netherweb Spider Silk]

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