A couple of questions a semi new player wishes to ask

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I used to play WoW back when tbc first came out but due to my military career and a wife at the time I had to stop. After Cataclysm came out my blood boiled for the good old days and I'm back, but a few things seemed to have changed and here in lie my questions. On the official battle net site is listed a recipe for an item that every wiki I have come across says is unatainable by players : Pattern: Green Woolen Robe! Second question is I chose affliction spec on my lock and I want to know will this affect me majorly when I look for party's or raids down the road? Last question is since I am playing lock and chose tailoring and enchanting as my professions is there any other way to get a hold of greens and blue's easily so I can disenchant for mats? I understand that these questions might be dumb but they have been driving me up the wall since I started to replay WoW so any help to these questions would be very nice.

--KenpachiGod666 (talk) 05:03, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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