Formula: Runed Elementium Rod

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This is a Formula sold by Senthii[78.7, 77] for the Alliance and Agatian Fallanos[76.7, 49.4] for the Horde. Both are in the Twilight Highlands. It is sold for one Heavenly Shard.

This requires 515 in enchanting to learn, and doing so will give you the ability to create a Runed Elementium Rod.

Inv misc note 01
Materials required:
Inv rod adamantite
1x [Elementium Rod]
Inv enchant dust
10x [Hypnotic Dust]
Inv misc greatercelestialessence
6x [Greater Celestial Essence]
Inv misc largeshard superior
6x [Heavenly Shard]
Inv rod titanium
1x [Runed Titanium Rod]

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