Drenna Riverwind

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HordeNPC 32Falconer Drenna Riverwind
Falconer Drenna Riverwind
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 63 Normal
Affiliation Silvermoon
Location Falcon Watch, Hellfire Peninsula [27.7, 60.4]
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Falconer Drenna Riverwind can be found in Falcon Watch. She is accompanied by her pet Blackbeak.


She begins and ends Official horde mini-icon [63] Trueflight Arrows and Official horde mini-icon [62] Birds of a Feather. She begins Official horde mini-icon [61] Helping the Cenarion Post.


  • Here's to hoping not all of Outland is as barren as this region. This is quite a change from the green grasslands and forest of Eversong.

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