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|instancebind=Tempest Keep
|instancebind=Tempest Keep

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For the warlock talent, see Devastation (warlock talent).
Inv axe 68
  • Devastation
  • Tempest Keep
  • Item Level 175Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Unique
  • Axe
  • Two-Hand
  • Speed 3.90
  • 496 - 744 Damage
  • (159.0 damage per second)
  • +75 Stamina
  • Durability 145 / 145
  • Requires level 70
  • Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 50.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 150.
    Chance on hit: Increases your movement speed by 50%, and your melee attack speed by 20% for 30 sec.
  • Icon-3D-48x48

Devastation is a legendary axe used in the battle against Kael'thas Sunstrider. It drops from him partway through the fight, but cannot be taken out of the instance.

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