Desecrated Girdle

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Inv misc desecrated mailbelt

The Desecrated Girdle is the belt token for the Shaman, Druid, Hunter and Paladin Tier 3 armor sets. Shamans will receive the Earthshatter Girdle for their set The Earthshatterer, Druids will receive the Dreamwalker Girdle for their set Dreamwalker Raiment, Hunters will receive the Cryptstalker Girdle for their set Cryptstalker Armor, and Paladins will receive the Redemption Girdle for their set Redemption Armor.


The Desecrated Girdle drops off Noth, Heigan or Gluth in the Plague Wing of Naxxramas in The Eastern Plaguelands.

Desecrated Girdle as a Quest Objective

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