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An item collection. This is not a true set. There are no bonuses if you wear more than one or all of this set. This collection is best suited for casters because of its low armor rating.


Male human wearing the darkmist collection, armor and wraps.

Details Edit

All items are found as a World Drop
Requirements to wear complete set
Character level 41

Set Items Edit

Item Min Level Armor Rating
Inv helmet 11 [Darkmist Wizard Hat] 39 47
Inv shoulder 02 [Darkmist Mantle] 38 42
Inv shirt 16 [Darkmist Armor] 41 60
Inv chest cloth 36 [Darkmist Wraps] 41 60
Inv belt 10 [Darkmist Girdle] 36 30
Inv pants 08 [Darkmist Pants] 38 49
Inv boots 07 [Darkmist Boots] 36 37
Inv bracer 13 [Darkmist Bands] 35 23
Inv gauntlets 32 [Darkmist Handguards] 36 34
Inv misc cape 04 [Darkmist Cape] 34 26
Inv misc orb 05 [Darkmist Orb] 41

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