Critical Mass

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Critical Mass
Spell nature wispheal
  • Your Living Bomb and Flame Orb spells deal more damage, and your Pyroblast and Scorch spells have a chance to cause your target to be vulnerable to spell damage, increasing a spell critical strike chance against that target by 5% and lasts 30 sec.
Usable by
LocationFire, Tier 6
AffectsDamage and Critical strike chance
Points required25
Spec specificYes

With Patch 4.0.1, the Critical Mass mage talent that increases the damage done by Living Bomb and Flame Orb spells. In addition, Pyroblast and Scorch will have a chance to make your target vulnerable to spell damage, which increases the critical strike chance against the target by 5% for 30 seconds. The increase in damage, and the chance to apply vulnerability varies depending on the number of points spent in this talent.

Rank Damage Increase Chance to make vulnerable
1 + 5% 33%
2 + 10% 66%
3 + 15% 100%

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