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[[File:★ Mists of Pandaria - Black Market Auction House Preview - Ft LoudsCast - WAY|thumb|right|300px]]{{Mists}}
:''Were you looking for the [[Black Market]] in the [[Underbelly]] of [[Dalaran]]?''
The '''Black Market Auction House''' (or "BMAH") is a new type of [[Auction House]] that gives players access to bid on items normally not sold by [[NPC]]s. It is located within the [[Tavern in the Mists]] at the [[Veiled Stair]].<ref name="mmochampion15689">{{ref web|work=[[MMO Champion]]|url=|title=Mists of Pandaria Beta - Build 15689|author=[ chaud]|date=12-May-2012 07:28 PM}}</ref> The Black Market is run by the mysterious {{RaceIcon|Pandaren|Female}} {{NPC||Madam Goya|Leader of the Black Market}}.<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH">{{ref web|work=[[Wowhead]] News|url=|title=Mists of Pandaria: Black Market Auction House|author=[ perculia]|date=3-Jul-2012 10:24 AM}}</ref>The plan is that the market will not be a safe zone, making it an extremely dangerous place for those playing on a [[Player vs. Player|PvP]] realm.<ref>{{ref web|work=Official World of Warcraft Community site (US)|url=|title=The Future of PvP in Mists of Pandaria|author={{blizz}} [[Nethaera]]|date=5-June-2012 9:00 AM PDT|quote2=<div style="margin-left:32px;"><u>Many players on PvE realms are concerned about being forced to PvP or take part in World PvP when they don’t want to, what can you say to them about the plans for this?</u><br/>{{blizz}} '''Tom Chilton''' - There are no plans to force PvP on players who are on PvE realms. Their experience shouldn’t change and they’ll have the same opportunities for PvP (if they wish to take part) as they do now. ''It’s also worth noting that the Black Market Auction House has the potential to become a world PvP location for those on PvP realms. Just like the name implies, these are goods being sold out in shady locations away from the prying eyes of guards in the cities. They are not in neutral or safe zones.'' For PvE realms, it’s not going to have that same risk for placing a bid as on a PvP realm (aside from being outbid).</div>}}</ref>
The items for auction vary by server, as other servers are able to bid on various items.<ref name="mmochampion15689" />
Bids start in the {{cost|10,000-20,000}} range and there is no buyout option. The sky is the limit when competing against other collectors for items.<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" /> Mounts seem to start at {{cost|20,000}}, armor at {{cost|10,000}}, companions/pets at {{cost|10,000}}, and misc items at {{cost|10,000 - 15,000}}.<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems">{{ref web|work=[[MMO Champion]]|url=|title=Black Market Auction House Items, Diablo III Information Recap|author=[ chaud]|date=13-May-2012 08:57 PM}}</ref>
The auctions last for more than 12 hours and return your gold to you when outbid or the item upon winning. After winning, another item is not added to the auction house immediately. The number of items that are up for auction is not the same across all servers.<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
== Requirements and issues of note ==
From Wowjuju:<ref name="wowjujuBMAHEverything">{{ref web|work=Wowjuju|url=|title=Black Market Auction House - All you need to know|author=[ Luci]|date=28-Jul-2012 12:50 PM}}</ref>
* You'll need the {{mists-inline}} Mists of Pandaria expansion.
* Get to the [[Veiled Stair]], a level 87 area.
* You need a lot of gold, as the lowest bids start at {{cost|10,000}}.
* Be prepared for a [[contested zone]], so you can expect a lot of [[ganking]] on [[PvP realm]]s.
== How does it work ==
From Wowjuju:<ref name="wowjujuBMAHEverything" />
* There are about 10 items in the auction house at all times. This is how it currently works on the Beta realms at least.
* There is no buyout option. This means that if you really want an item you will have to win it by bidding on it.
* The bids start at {{cost|10,000}} and can go up to {{cost|999,000}} (perhaps {{cost|999,999}}).
** Mounts bids start at {{cost|20,000}}.
** Companions bids start at {{cost|10,000}}.
** Gear items start from {{cost|10,000}}.
** Vanity/misc items start between {{cost|10,000}} and {{cost|15,000}}.
* The bidding works similar to the other auction houses bids.
* All auctions last for more than 12 hours.
* After an item is bought by someone, another item is not added to the auction house immediately.
* The items you might find in BMAH are realm-based.
== Some items ==
Some items seen so far:<ref name="mmochampion15689" /><ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" /><ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
{| class="darktable"
!colspan="3"|A sample of items for auction
!align="left"|Armor sets !!align="left"|Armor - Back !!align="left"|Armor - Neck
|- valign="top"
*Tier 3 sets (The following sets do not have any class restrictions, unlike their original ones):<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{set|Bonescythe Armor}}
**{{set|Cryptstalker Armor}}
**{{set|Dreadnaught's Battlegear}}
**{{set|Dreamwalker Raiment}}
**{{set|Frostfire Regalia}}
**{{set|Plagueheart Raiment}}
**{{set|Redemption Armor}}
**{{set|The Earthshatterer}}
**{{set|Vestments of Faith}}
*Item level 509:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|epic|Drape of Gathering Clouds}}
**{{loot|epic|Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption}}
**{{loot|epic|Hisek's Chrysanthemum Cape}}
**{{loot|epic|Legbreaker Greatcloak}}
**{{loot|epic|Stormwake Mistcloak}}
**{{loot|epic|Cloak of Raining Blades}}
**{{loot|epic|Daybreak Drape}}
*Item level 509:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|epic|Choker of the Unleashed Storm}}
**{{loot|epic|Necklace of Congealed Weaknesses}}
**{{loot|epic|Korven's Amber-Sealed Beetle}}
**{{loot|epic|Shackle of Eversparks}}
**{{loot|epic|Kaolan's Withering Necklace}}
!align="left"|Armor - Finger !!align="left"|Armor - Waist !!align="left"|Armor - Wrist
|- valign="top"
*Item level 509:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|epic|Vizier's Ruby Signet}}
**{{loot|epic|Fragment of Fear Made Flesh}}
**{{loot|epic|Ring of the Bladed Tempest}}
**{{loot|epic|Ring of the Shattered Shell}}
**{{loot|epic|Painful Thorned Ring}}
**{{loot|epic|Seal of the Profane}}
**{{loot|epic|Regail's Band of the Endless}}
**{{loot|epic|Watersoul Signet}}
**{{loot|epic|Dread Shadow Ring}}
*[[Item level]] 509:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|epic|Belt of Malleable Amber}}
**{{loot|epic|Healer's Belt of Final Winter}}
**{{loot|epic|Sorcerer's Belt of Final Winter}}
**{{loot|epic|Ranger's Chain of Unending Summer}}
**{{loot|epic|Waistplate of Overwhelming Assault}}
**{{loot|epic|Binder's Chain of Unending Summer}}
**{{loot|epic|Belt of Embodied Terror}}
**{{loot|epic|Weaver's Cord of Eternal Autumn}}
**{{loot|epic|Stalker's Cord of Eternal Autumn}}
**{{loot|epic|Invoker's Belt of Final Winter}}
**{{loot|epic|Protector's Girdle of Endless Spring}}
**{{loot|epic|Mender's Girdle of Endless Spring}}
**{{loot|epic|Patroller's Girdle of Endless Spring}}
*[[Season 12 Arena rewards]] PvP belts and bracers.[;minle=483;maxle=483;cr=166:79;crs=5:1;crv=0:0 <sup>&omega;</sup>]
*Item level 509:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|epic|Attenuating Bracers}}
**{{loot|epic|Cuffs of the Corrupted Waters}}
**{{loot|epic|Smooth Beetle Wristbands}}
**{{loot|epic|Pearlescent Butterfly Wristbands}}
**{{loot|epic|Bracers of Tempestuous Fury}}
**{{loot|epic|Luminescent Firefly Wristguards}}
**{{loot|epic|Plated Locust Bracers}}
**{{loot|epic|Shining Cicada Bracers}}
**{{loot|epic|Darting Damselfly Cuffs}}
*[[Season 12 Arena rewards]] PvP belts and bracers.[;minle=483;maxle=483;cr=166:79;crs=5:1;crv=0:0 <sup>&omega;</sup>]
!align="left"|Companions !!align="left"|Mounts !!align="left"|Recipes
|- valign="top"
*{{loot|epic|Hippogryph Hatchling}}<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
*Argent Tournament pets:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|rare|Ammen Vale Lashling}}
**{{loot|rare|Dun Morogh Cub}}
**{{loot|rare|Durotar Scorpion}}
**{{loot|rare|Enchanted Broom}}
**{{loot|rare|Mulgore Hatchling}}
**{{loot|rare|Sen'jin Fetish}}
**{{loot|rare|Shimmering Wyrmling}}
**{{loot|rare|Teldrassil Sproutling}}
**{{loot|rare|Tirisfal Batling}}
*Other pets:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|rare|Elwynn Lamb}}<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
**{{loot|rare|Giant Sewer Rat}}
**{{loot|rare|Tiny Sporebat}}
**{{loot|common|Captured Firefly}}
**{{loot|common|Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)}}
**{{loot|common|Cat Carrier (Bombay)}}
**{{loot|common|Cat Carrier (Siamese)}}
**{{loot|common|Obsidian Hatchling}}
**{{loot|common|Dark Whelpling}}
**{{loot|common|Gundrak Hatchling}}
**{{loot|common|Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw)}}
**{{loot|common|Proto-Drake Whelp}}
*{{loot|epic|Ashes of Al'ar}}: Kael'thas Sunstrider, Tempest Keep
*{{loot|epic|Deathcharger's Reins}}: Lord Aurius Rivendare, Stratholme
*{{loot|epic|Flametalon of Alysrazor}}: Alysrazor, Firelands
*{{loot|epic|Smoldering Egg of Millagazor}}: Ragnaros, Firelands
*{{loot|epic|Swift White Hawkstrider}}: Kael'thas Sunstrider, Magister's Terrace
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Blazing Drake}}: Deathwing, Dragon Soul
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake}}: Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Pinnacle
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Green Proto-Drake}}: Cracked Egg, Oracle dailies
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Drake of the North Wind}}: Altairus, Vortex Pinnacle
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Onyxian Drake}}: Onyxia
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Drake of the South Wind}}: Heart of Wind, Throne of the Four Winds
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake}}: Slabhide, Stonecore
*{{loot|epic|Reins of the White Polar Bear}}: Hyldnir Spoils
*Some recipes requiring 600 skill:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|rare|Pattern: Royal Satchel}}
**{{loot|common|Plans: Breastplate of Ancient Steel}}
**{{loot|common|Plans: Living Steel Breastplate}}<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
**{{loot|common|Plans: Gauntlets of Ancient Steel}}
*Other datamined recipes requiring 600 skill:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{ability|Chestguard of Earthen Harmony}}
**{{ability|Chestguard of Nemeses}}
**{{ability|Fists of Lightning}}
**{{ability|Gloves of Creation}}
**{{ability|Gloves of Earthen Harmony}}
**{{ability|Greyshadow Chestguard}}
**{{ability|Greyshadow Gloves}}
**{{ability|Lifekeeper's Gloves}}
**{{ability|Lifekeeper's Robe}}
**{{ability|Liferuned Leather Gloves}}
**{{ability|Living Steel Gauntlets}}
**{{ability|Murderer's Gloves}}
**{{ability|Nightfire Robe}}
**{{ability|Raiment of Blood and Bone}}
**{{ability|Raven Lord's Gloves}}
**{{ability|Robes of Creation}}
**{{ability|Spelltwister's Gloves}}
**{{ability|Spelltwister's Grand Robe}}
**{{ability|Stormbreaker Chestguard}}
**{{ability|Wildblood Gloves}}
**{{ability|Wildblood Vest}}
!align="left"|TCG !!align="left"|Weapons !!align="left"|&nbsp;
|- valign="top"
*Redemption items:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
**{{loot|rare|Banana Charm}}
**{{loot|rare|Fishing Chair}}
**{{loot|rare|Goblin Gumbo Kettle}}
**{{loot|rare|Imp in a Ball}}
**{{loot|rare|Paper Flying Machine Kit}}<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
**{{loot|rare|Picnic Basket}}
**{{loot|epic|Dragon Kite}}
**{{loot|epic|Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-B}}
**{{loot|epic|Hippogryph Hatchling}}
**{{loot|epic|Riding Turtle}}<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
**{{loot|epic|Tabard of Flame}}<ref name="mmochampionBlackMarketActionHouseItems" />
**{{loot|epic|X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME}}
*{{loot|epic|Arcanite Ripper}}<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
== Some NPCs ==
Most auctions are posted by various well known NPCs, depending on the item type:<ref name="wowheadnewsBMAH" />
*{{NPC||Breanni}} from [[Warcraft Pets]] sells all the Argent Tournament pets.
*{{NPC|Horde|Dran Droffers}} and {{NPC|Horde|Malton Droffers}} of {{title|Droffers and Son Salvage}} in [[Orgrimmar]] list many Tier 3 pieces.
*{{NPC|Alliance|Jasper Fel}}, a [[Stormwind City]] poison vendor, sells Druid Tier 3.
*{{NPC||Landro Longshot}}, the NPC who redeems TCG codes in [[Booty Bay]], sells TCG items.
*{{NPC|Alliance|Quincy Cutler}}, a Stormwind bartender wearing a top hat and tux with shorts and flipflops, sells some Tier 3.
*{{NPC||Mei Francis}}, a [[Dalaran]] vendor who sells exotic mounts, as well as the mailer behind Celestial Steed and Reins of the Albino Drake, sells various mounts.
*{{NPC||Wodin the Troll-Servant}} from the Ring of Blood sells Zena's kittens.
*Elusive Goblin leader {{NPC||Trade Prince Gallywix}} sells crafting patterns.
*Peripatetic {{NPC||Chou Li}} sells ilvl 509 heroic items.
*{{NPC||Zunji the Knife}}, {{NPC||Four-Fingered Fong}}, and {{NPC||Nexus-Prince Haramad}} all sell items, although their listings have blank items.
== Gear up a character ==
|title=#310 - Black Market is starting to go too far
|date=19-Jun-2012 12:34 PM
|body=No one should count on this even being close to a viable option for gearing up a character. If you can raise that kind of gold in the game, you're going to have much better success paying your way into raids for gear than hoping the right items appear for you in the black market AH (which doesn't include set pieces), hoping you can afford to outbid everyone else on your realm, and hoping you're the last one to bid before the auction ends.
Sure, it'll have some of the best rewards for sale. But that doesn't mean it'll be remotely reliable for one person to gear up quickly. It's the black market, after all. :)
Ultimately the system is going to benefit the extremely wealthy and the extremely lucky. But in all likelihood the benefits won't at all be consistent, even for those who can pony up the gold.
== References ==
== See also ==
* {{RaceIcon|Pandaren|Female}} {{NPC||Madam Goya|Leader of the Black Market}}
== External links ==
{{elink|icon=wowjuju|site=Wowjuju|link=|desc= Black Market Auction House - All you need to know|bydate=by [ Luci] Jul 28 2012 12:50 PM}}
{{elink|type=wowheadnews|link=|desc=Mists of Pandaria: Black Market Auction House|bydate=by [ perculia] 2012/07/03 10:24 AM}}
{{elink|type=wowinsider|link=|desc=Zarhym clarifies the Mists Black Market Auction House|bydate=by {{wowinsider|Matthew Rossi}} Jun 19th 2012 at 8:00PM}}
{{elink|type=wowheadnews|link=|desc=News Round Up: Purchasable Raid Epics on the Black Market Auction House|bydate=by [ perculia] 2012/06/19 6:28 PM}}
{{elink|site=The Daily Blink|link=|desc=The Black Market We’d Like to See}}
{{elink|type=mmochampion|link=|desc=Black Market Auction House Items, Diablo III Information Recap|bydate=by [ chaud] 2012-05-13 08:57 PM}}
{{elink|type=mmochampion|link=|desc=Mists of Pandaria Beta - Build 15689|bydate=by [ chaud] 2012-05-12 07:28 PM}}
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