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This article concerns a faction. Were you looking for lore on the being called an August Celestial?

The August Celestials are a faction of Pandaria introduced in the Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion. They are based primarily out of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. These spirits defend the temples of Pandaria from the evils of the Sha.

Once players are of Revered standing with the Golden Lotus they will be able to help the Celestials. The Temple of the Jade Serpent is under attack by the Sha of Doubt; at the Temple of the Red Crane trainees are rebuilding and retraining after the attack on their temple; Xuen tests the might of worthy combatants are the Temple of the White Tiger; and Niuzao stands vigilantly against some of the most dangerous enemies in Pandaria at his temple.



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Note: This is a Faction section stub. You can help expand it by clicking  Edit to the right of the section title.


<August Celestials Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Honored Bladesong Cloak 1250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloak
Cloak of Ancient Curses 1250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloak
Cloak of the Silent Mountain 1250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloak
Leggings of Ponderous Advance 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Plate Legs
Leggings of Unfinished Conquest 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloth Legs
Mountain Stream Ringmail 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Mail Chest
Pressed Flower Cloak 1250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloak
Refurbished Zandalari Vestment 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Leather Chest
Ribcracker's Cloak 1250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloak
Subversive Leggings 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Cloth Legs
Undergrowth Stalker Chestpiece 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Mail Chest
Valiant's Shinguards 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Plate Legs
Vestment of the Ascendant Tride 2250 Pvecurrency-justice Leather Chest
Battle Shadow Bracers 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Wrist
Bracers of Inlaid Jade 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Cloth Wrist
Braided Black and White Bracer 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Wrist
Brewmaster Chani's Bracers 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Mail Wrist
Clever Ashyo's Armbands 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Leather Wrist
Fallen Sentinel Bracers 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Wrist
Minh's Beaten Bracers 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Cloth Wrist
Quillpaw Family Bracers 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Leather Wrist
Tiger-Striped Wristguards 1250 Pvecurrency-valor Mail Wrist
Celestial Offering 100Gold Consumable
Revered Boots of the High Adept 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Leather Feet
Bramblestaff Boots 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Feet
Fingers of the Loneliest Monk 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Leather Hands
Gauntlets of Jade Sutras 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Hands
Gloves of Red Feathers 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Cloth Hands
Gloves of the Overwhelming Swarm 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Hands
Ogo's Elder Gloves 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Leather Hands
Ravenmane's Gloves 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Mail Hands
Sandals of the Elder Sage 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Mail Feet
Sentinel Commander's Gauntlets 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Mail Hands
Steps of the War Serpent 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Mail Feet
Storm-Sing Sandals 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Cloth Feet
Streetfighter's Iron Knuckles 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Hands
Sunspeaker's Flared Gloves 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Cloth Hands
Tankiss Warstompers 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Feet
Tukka-Tuk's Hairy Boots 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Leather Feet
Void Flame Slippers 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Cloth Feet
Yu'lon Guardian Boots 1750 Pvecurrency-valor Plate Feet
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Strength 40Gold IconSmall Enchanting [Enchanting] formula
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility 40Gold IconSmall Enchanting [Enchanting] formula
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect 40Gold IconSmall Enchanting [Enchanting] formula
Exalted Inv pandarenserpentmount lightning yellow [Reins of the Thundering August Cloud Serpent] 10000Gold Mount
Inv scroll 03 [Pattern: Royal Satchel] 50Gold IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring] pattern
August Celestials Tabard 10Gold Tabard

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