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| image = Ashbringer1CoverSampleA.jpg
| name = Highlord Alexandros Mograine|id=29227
| titles = The Ashbringer, Highlord, Scourge of the Scourge<ref name=Ashbringer20>''[[World of Warcraft: Ashbringer]]'', pg. 20</ref>
| gender = Male
| race = Human
| creature = Undead
| level = ?? (Boss)
| health = 530,000
| character = [[Death Knight]], formerly [[Paladin]], [[Warrior]]
| affiliation = None, formerly [[Scourge]], [[Scarlet Crusade]], and [[Knights of the Silver Hand]]<!-- Oddly, the Scarlet Crusade came about after his death in the comic. -->
| occupation = Former Knight of the Silver Hand and champion of [[Kel'Thuzad]]
| location = Unknown
| instance = Naxxramas (original)
| status = Deceased
| relatives = [[Elena Mograine|Elena]] (wife), [[Renault Mograine|Renault]], [[Darion Mograine|Darion]] (sons)
| tcg = Alexandros MograineTCG.jpg
:''"The [[Ashbringer]]..."'' ([[TCG]])
'''Alexandros Mograine''',<ref></ref> also known as the '''Ashbringer''',<ref>[[Corrupted Ashbringer/Scarlet Monastery Event]]</ref> was one of the leaders of the [[Silver Hand]] and the original wielder of the [[Ashbringer]]. He was murdered by his son [[Renault Mograine|Renault]] with the sword and raised as a [[death knight]] by [[Kel'Thuzad]]. He was originally encountered in [[Naxxramas (original)|Naxxramas]] as the leader of the [[Four Horsemen (original)|Four Horsemen]], but was replaced by [[Baron Rivendare]] in [[Wrath of the Lich King]].
In the ''[[World of Warcraft]]'', it is stated that Alexandros was one of the founders of the [[Scarlet Crusade]]. The [[World of Warcraft: Ashbringer|comic]] would depict the formation of the Crusade occurring ''after'' Alexandros' death, in which case he would have never been a member.
[[File:MograineDK.jpg|thumb|left|Mograine as a death knight in Naxxramas.]]
During the [[assault on Blackrock Spire]] in the [[Second War]], Mograine of the [[Silver Hand]] witnessed an orcish warlock channeling magic through a dark orb. After the warlock's death, Mograine went to claim it for the Alliance, but his hand was badly mangled as soon as he touched it. Though describing the orb as the "living embodiment of shadow," he was still curious as to what power it might hold and kept it in an iron chest.
Mograine kept the orb a secret until the [[Scourge]] reached [[Lordaeron]]. He [[Old Hillsbrad Ashbringer event|revealed it]] to several other members of the Silver Hand, suggesting that they search for the orb's polar opposite - a manifestation of the [[Holy Light|Light]] itself - to be used against the impending undead holocaust. Mograine's peers, appalled at the sight of this dark crystal, attempted to destroy it with a holy spell. Unexpectedly, the crystal absorbed the spell and became its antithesis, the very crystal of pure light that Mograine suggested moments before, and even restored life to his mangled hand. It was decided that from this crystal a weapon would be forged that would smite the undead with such power that only a cloud of ash would remain in its wake—''The Ashbringer.''
Under the command of [[Saidan Dathrohan]], Mograine and [[High Inquisitor Fairbanks|Fairbanks]] traveled to [[Ironforge]] to ask [[King Magni Bronzebeard]] to forge the mighty blade. Magni, having only just learned of his [[Muradin Bronzebeard|brother]]'s apparent demise, was more than willing to craft a weapon to battle the undead, and described it as the greatest creation wrought by his hand.
===Death Knight===
[[File:Ashbringer Four Horsemen.jpg|thumb|right|Alexandros stands amongst the [[Four Horsemen (original)|Four Horsemen]] and [[Kel'Thuzad]].]]
Mograine and the other former Knights of the Silver Hand banded together to continue the war against the [[Lich King]]. Alexandros was appointed Highlord and the Ashbringer was the Order's greatest weapon. However, the blade caught the attention of [[Kel'Thuzad]]. Striking a deal with [[Balnazzar]], who had covertly taken control of the Order by possessing Dathrohan and wished to use it against the Lich King, the two planned to kill him. To do so, Balnazzar corrupted Mograine's son [[Renault Mograine|Renault]] and had him lead his father into a trap. Renault led his father and [[High Inquisitor Fairbanks]] to [[Stratholme]] where an army of undead waited for them. Renault fled and Fairbanks, being the first to fall, was trapped under the pile of undead corpses. Mograine stood alone against the undead, yet managed to destroy all sent at him. In fatigue, Alexandros dropped his blade. Renault returned and killed Mograine with his own sword, [[Corrupted Ashbringer|corrupting the Ashbringer]]. Unable to use the blade, Renault left it with his father's corpse.
However, Kel'Thuzad raised the Ashbringer's corpse turning him into a [[death knight]] of the Scourge, and reclaimed his blade. Kel'Thuzad took Mograine back to [[Naxxramas (original)|Naxxramas]] to have him serve as one of the [[Four Horsemen (original)|Four Horsemen]]. Later, led by nightmares of his father's tortured soul, Darion led a small group of [[Argent Dawn]] members into [[Naxxramas]] to free him. Darion was the only one to survive the assault, escaping with the blade but forced to leave his father's body behind.
When Darion returned to the Scarlet Monastery with the blade, Alexandros's corrupted spirit manifested and confronted Renault, accusing him of murder before mercilessly killing him. Later, during a Scourge assault on [[Light's Hope Chapel]], Darion plunged the Ashbringer into his own chest in an act of self-sacrifice that obliterated the Scourge armies and seemingly freed Alexandros's soul of the Scourge's corruption. In doing so, however, Darion damned himself into undeath and was escorted off the battlefield by Kel'Thuzad.
==Wrath of the Lich King==
During the [[Battle for Light's Hope Chapel]], Darion - now a death knight himself and wielding the Corrupted Ashbringer - led an attack against Light's Hope Chapel but he was is defeated by [[Tirion Fordring]]. During the dialogue between Darion and Tirion, Alexandros's spirit appeared and a dialogue between father and son - evidently a flashback of some kind - took place. Alexandros mentioned that Darion would one day wield Ashbringer. However, their reunion was cut short by the arrival of the Lich King, who claimed Alexandros's soul with [[Frostmourne]].
In the {{loot|epic|Unsealed Chest}} taken from the Lich King after he is defeated by a raid in which someone is wielding {{loot|legendary|Shadowmourne}}, an item known as {{loot|epic|Alexandros' Soul Shard}} is found. When returned to Darion, Alexandros's spirit appears for the final time, thanking Darion for saving him from damnation.
As a result of his story advancement since his original in-game appearance, Alexandros did not return in Naxxramas with the rest of the Four Horsemen. According to [[Commander Eligor Dawnbringer (Wintergarde)|Commander Eligor Dawnbringer]]'s lecture in [[Wintergarde Keep]], Alexandros "was the finest warrior that the Death Knights had ever seen. However, after the events in [[Azeroth (world)|Azeroth]], he vanished without a trace. Kel'Thuzad has appointed [[Baron Rivendare]] in his place."
==With the Corrupted Ashbringer==
Players who obtained the {{loot|epic|Corrupted Ashbringer}} from the original version of Naxxramas could take it to the [[Scarlet Monastery]] and see a special [[Corrupted Ashbringer/Scarlet Monastery Event|event]] in which Alexandros Mograine returned, killed his son, and revived Fairbanks. With the updated lore in the comics and the expansion, however, this event and the information given by Fairbanks regarding the Ashbringer have mostly been retconned out.
===Ashbringer Comic===
*Ready yourselves, men! If it is '''blood''' [[orcs|these green-skined heathens]] crave then it is blood they shall '''have'''! Come you, [[knights]]! Raise hammers, bare steel! We fight to the end, we '''die''' if we must! For Lordaeron! '''FOR [[Terenas Menethil II|THE KING]]'''! '''ATTACK'''!
*I love '''''you''''', Elena! I always have loved you!
*I love '''''you''''', Darion!
*I... Loved you, Renault.
At '''Light's Hope Chapel''':
*I love you, son. With '''all''' that '''I am'''... All I '''was'''... All I ever '''will be'''.
*My '''soul''' will forever bear the '''weight''' of your '''sacrifice''', my son. And just as you '''never''' gave up on me, '''I''' shall never '''give up''' on '''you'''. For you've '''taught''' me the most '''valuable''' lesson of '''all''': '''Hope'''... Never '''dies'''.
===In [[Naxxramas (original)|Naxxramas]]===
*{{text|yell|Enough prattling. Let them come! We shall grind their bones to dust.}}
*{{text|yell|Conserve your anger! Harness your rage! You will all have outlets for your frustration soon enough.}}
*{{text|yell|Life is meaningless. It is in death that we are truly tested.}}
*{{text|yell|You seek death?}}
*{{text|yell|None shall pass!}}
*{{text|yell|Be still!}}
*{{text|yell|Bow to the might of the Highlord!}}
;Killing a player
*{{text|yell|You will find no peace in death.}}
*{{text|yell|The master's will is done.}}
*{{text|yell|! Perhaps it's not too late to — noo! I need...more time...}}
===[[Ashbringer]]'s whispers===
* serve.
[[File:Mograine Flashback.jpg|thumb|right|Mograine in Darion's Flashback]]
*Crusades... fed his rage.
* him.
* longer.
*Balnazaar's... crusade... son.
===[[Battle for Light's Hope Chapel]]===
*{{text|say|My son! My dear, beautiful boy.}}
*{{text|say|Nothing could have kept me away from you, Darion. Not from my homeland and family.}}
*{{text|say|[[Darion Mograine]], you are barely of age to hold a sword, let alone battle the Undead hordes of Lordaeron. I could not bear losing you, even the thought...}}
*{{text|say|My son, there will come a day when you will command the Ashbringer, and with it mete out justice across this land. I have no doubt that when that day finally comes, you will bring pride to our people, and that Lordaeron will be a better place because of you. But, my son, that day is not today.}}
*{{text|say|Do not forget...}}
===[[Quest:Mograine's Reunion|Mograine's Reunion]]===
[[File:Mograine Spirit.jpg|thumb|right|Mograine in Icecrown Citadel]]
:{{text|say|Highlord Darion Mograine| Father...}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| Darion, my son.}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| At last, I am able to lay my eyes upon you again.}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Darion Mograine| Father. I feared for your... your sanity.}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| The Lich King tormented me without end, Darion.}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| Endlessly, he sought to break my will, to force me to serve him, to bind me to his blade...}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| Finally, when events demanded his full attention, he left me.}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| The one memory, I clung to, Darion... The one thought that kept me from giving in...}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Alexandros Mograine| It was your sacrifice, my son, that again saved me from eternal peril.}}
:{{text|say|Highlord Darion Mograine| Father... For you, I would give my life a thousand times.}}
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!Naxxramas !! Light's Hope
{{Succession|None|'''Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade'''|[[Taelan Fordring]]}}
{{Succession|Possibly [[Sir Zeliek]]|'''Leader of the Four Horsemen'''|[[Baron Rivendare]]}}
{{Succession|Sword forged|'''Wielder of the [[Ashbringer]]'''|[[Darion Mograine]]}}
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